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Comparing SQL schema and table data with AdeptSQL Diff

Click here to see the screenshot explainedAdeptSQL Diff is a lightning fast and intuitive tool to visually compare and synchronize two MS SQL Server databases. The program scans both databases and displays the combined schema tree view, with all differences color-marked.

Navigating through the database schema tree, you can see SQL definitions for individual objects (tables, view, stored procedures, etc) compared side-by-side in the larger panel to the right of the schema tree.

You can produce difference scripts for any chosen part or for the whole schema. The schema matching engine generates effective update SQL for any schema difference you need to synchronize, trying to preserve the table data whenever possible.

The generated scripts are displayed in a separate debugger-style popup window where you can edit them, execute them either uninterrupted or step-by-step, set breakpoints, turn on transactions and rollback on errors.

Even if you have only one database to work with, the drag&drop scripting (you simply drag one or more schema items to any text editor supporting regular OLE drag&drop) together with very flexible scripting options makes AdeptSQL Diff a perfect tool to explore your database schema.

Currently, version for MS SQL Server is available. Support for other SQL databases is planned.

To learn more about AdeptSQL Diff, you can:

The evaluation version is fully functional: it has no "trial" restrictions other than the 30-day / 50-runs (whichever lasts longer) time limit. The latest version is AdeptSQL Diff 1.98 Build 104. It supports each of the following versions of MS SQL Server:

  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • MS SQL Server 2000

Please note that updates within AdeptSQL Diff 1.xx version range are free for all registered customers. Furthermore, we only provide technical support for the most recent Diff version. Always make sure you have the most recent version!

IMPORTANT information for licensed users: As of version 1.98, the Diff accepts activation keys only in the new "Licensee name/Short-key" format. It is no longer compatible with the legacy "long keys". All registered users who still use older "long key" versions are welcome to update their Diffs and request replacement keys, free of charge, directly from the program.

If you have been using the "WS2008/Vista" edition of Diff already, you'll be able to update without any changes to the activation key.

AdeptSQL Diff is now our company’s primary tool for pushing database objects from test to pre-production to production. We are very happy with the tool.

Brett Estes,
FNC Inc,

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10 Apr 2013
Updates are imminent!
Visit us later this week for more info about the coming AdeptSQL Diff 2.0 and other news!

18 Sep 2010
AdeptSQL Diff 1.98 Build 104

10 Apr 2013: to this date, the Build 104 is still the latest available version.

See the complete list of changes for more details.

IMPORTANT: as of this version, we no longer support two separate "editions" with alternative activation key formats. The "Licensee name/Short key" format is the only one available now. The licensed users who still have the "classic" Diff edition will have to request a new key, free of charge, after this update.

SQL 7.0 dropped: as of this version, AdeptSQL Diff is no longer tested with SQL Server 7.0. The Diff might still work with SQL 7.0, but the compatibility is no longer maintained.

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